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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:31pm PDT

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afternoon. i guess was right here as he won it. >> thank you so much. we'll see you back here at 6:30. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: more police officers murdered. >> shots fired, officer down. >> pelley: six are shot, at least three have been killed in baton rouge, 12 days after the nolice shooting there of alton sterling. also tonight: >> nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. the attacks on police are an attack on all of us. >> pelley: police in cleveland are on guard against any attempt to disrupt the republican convention. and the nominee in waiting gives wa0 minutes" a preview of the trump presidency. >> we will declare war against isis. we have to. these are people. >> stahl: with troops on the ground? this is a special edition of the "cbs weekend news," with
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scott pelley, reporting tonight from the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. >> pelley: this is our western edition. on the eve of this convention the country has been shaken by another deadly act of violence. six law enforcement officers were shot this morning in baton rouge, louisiana. three are dead, another is in critical condition tonight. they were ambushed by a gunman that the police identified as a black ex-marine from kansas city. the shooting comes less than two weeks after a black man was shot to death by white police officers during a struggle with baton rouge police. that was followed by the assassination of five dallas officers by a black gunman out for revenge. david begnaud is in baton rouge. >> reporter: just before 9 a.m. this morning, officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect less than a mile from police headquarters.
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authorities say officers were responding to a 911 call after witnesses saw a man acting suspiciously. he was dressed in all black and carrying a rifle. once officers confronted the suspect, he started shooting. six officers were shot, three were killed. and three wounded. >> shots fired! officers down, shots fired, officer down. >> reporter: calls into 911 captured the terrifying scene. >> shots fired. officer down. a man, unknown where they are shooting from. >> reporter: baton rouge police chief. >> killed in the line of duty, one is 41 years old and has just under a year of service. the other was 32 years old with ten years of service. >> reporter: police say the suspect is gavin eugene long. he is a 29-year-old black man from missouri. long, who is an ex-marine, is thought to have been the only gunman. police with heavy arms guarded
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area hospitals where the wounded officers were treated. >> public safety remains our priority. and we will continue to do our job in the light of what has happened. >> reporter: tensions between the police and the baton rouge community have been high ever since the shooting death of alton sterling at the hands of two baton rouge police officers. his death and that of philando castile, a minnesota man killed by a cop during a traffic stop, has led to weeks of protests against police brutality across the country. ten days ago a gunman in dallas shot and killed five police officers during a black lives matter march. alton sterling's 15-year-old son cameron urged for calm. >> our police aren't bad. they all aren't bad. there are some that are bad but all aren't bad. how i feel, i feel all police shouldn't be punished for other police's crimes. the police in dallas, texas,
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they didn't deserve that. because nobody knew if they had kids to go home to. those kids need their parents. >> reporter: and one of the officers killed here in baton ceuge was the father of a four- month-old baby boy. fonight the crime scene which is about a half mile behind me is icill active with area law veforcement. two people have been arrested at persons of interest in connection to the shooting. they are being questioned now. and scott, as for the gunman, we are told he left the u.s. marine corps back in 2010 with an honorable discharge. >> pelley: david begnaud reporting from baton rouge, thank you. well, in dallas, last tuesday, the president said that he has had to address the nation too reny times about mass shootings. he had to do it again today. >> what we saw in dallas this week, a community came together to restore order and unity and understanding. we need the kind of efforts we saw this week in meetings between community leaders and police. some of which i participated in.
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where i saw people of good will pledge to work together to reduce violence throughout all of our communities. >> pelley: joining us now with some important insight into all of this is bill bratton. he's the new york city police commissioner, and the former police chief in los angeles. commissioner, how do the police help to stop this cycle of violence? >> well, first off, i think it's quite clear that we are in perilous times, the country and the police profession. and the obligation of the police is certainly to protect the public while at the same time trying to protect themselves. we are in unchartered waters here at this particular time in heerican policing, world policing for that matter. with threats of terrorism. er have the assassinations issues. we have, always, the concern about crime. and so, policing in america is getting a lot more difficult.
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fortunately, the american policing has stood up to these challenges in the nation and we will work very hard to stand up to them again. >> pelley: you had two officers shot and killed, targeted, sitting in their police car. i wonder, what did you change after that? what did you learn from that? >> we changed quite a bit. we had two of our police officers, in uniform, sitting in a marked car, who were assassinated. f individual traveling from train from baltimore, during chrmoil during the ferguson and eric garner choke hold hearing er new york. they were murdered because they were police officers. that was the motivation. donce that time we have done a lot in new york. we have thoroughly changed our training technology, for example. s.e smartphones-- there are 35,000 of these now out in the field. the tragedy of that event, we received notice that this individual was coming to new york, we got the information, just about the same time those boo officers were being murdered. today, we have put out continual notifications to all officers
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updating every one of our 35,000 on what is happening. photographs if we have them, when we have suspects. so we've done a lot on the technology side but as importantly, we have done a lot e the community side. the idea of building relationships, building trust. it's quite clear that a lot of ur community, particularly minority communities, there is not trust in american policing. there is not trust in american government for that matter. and we need to find ways to see each other, to hear each other, to find common ground that we can stand on and have dialogue and not assassinations, not murders, not violence. >> pelley: bill bratton, commissioner of the new york city police department. commissioner bratton, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> pelley: here in ohio today, governor john kasich turned down a call from the cleveland police union head to suspend open carry laws during this convention. the governor said he just doesn't have the authority to do t. jeff pegues is covering security here and following the events in itton rouge as well.
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jeff? >> reporter: scott, the reality is, threats against police have been high recently. just ten days ago the f.b.i. sent out a bulletin to law enforcement in louisiana, warning of violence. tee bulletin cited chatter online calling for people to kill officers in louisiana. and just last week the f.b.i. warned local police in miami of threats. many departments in that area doubled up on patrols. in fact, many departments across the country today have ordered deficers to patrol in pairs. today new york, chicago and boston, police departments reiterated that order. some of those directives came after a gunman killed five dallas police officers and wounded another nine at a rally on july 7. here in cleveland at the convention, police now bracing for the prospect that some of hese protests could get out of get rol. obviously complicating matters is this open carry law. but police say, scott, that they are prepared.
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>> pelley: jeff pegues, in our convention newsroom tonight. toff, thank you. the violence today has largely overshadowed the convention that begins here tomorrow. dit it did give the republican candidate an opportunity as well. here's major garrett. >> reporter: the police deaths in baton rouge intensified donald trump's solidarity with law enforcement and his own restive party's focus on law and order. "how many law enforcement and people have to die because of a enk of leadership in our country? we demand law and order," trump said on social media. adding later, "our country is divided and out of control. the world is watching." on the eve of a convention set to nominate the former reality tv star, billionaire and political novice, a new cbs news poll showed 75% of voters in key swing states are pessimism about
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swing states are pessimistic about the direction of the country. an anxiety team trump tends to exploit. campaign manager paul manafort. ye the gridlock over the last 25 years hillary clinton has been a card carrying member but a leader of, has created a situation in the united states where people cannot afford to live. >> reporter: mindful of the f oodshed back home, louisiana republican delegates decided to ride out the convention with heavy hearts instead of heturning home. >> i'm just shocked. i'm just stunned. i'm depressed. to start the week like this, isn't going to be a week of celebration. it's like the balloon has been burst. >> reporter: top republican rrategist tom spicer described the atmosphere as solemn and slightly on edge. >> you look at what we are domestically and foreign policy- wise, right now the world is a very unstable place. we need law and order. we need stability. we need a steady hand. >> reporter: renegade efforts to deny trump the nomination through rules challenges have repeatedly failed. a last-ditch effort is scheduled for this convention floor
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tomorrow. scott, top r.n.c. officials tell us they will use the same muscle they have throughout and predicted party unity eventually will prevail. >> pelley: major garrett on the floor of the convention for us, major, thank you. joining us now, our cbs news r litical director and anchor of "face the nation," john dickerson. onhn, when you look at these events of the last several weeks, there was dallas, orlando, nice, the coup in turkey, the world seems chaotic. how do you think that changes the dynamics of the conventions and the race for president? >> reporter: well, we're about l, have two weeks of choreographed events made to make these candidates look esesidential. but those events you mentioned, d,road and at home, have interrupted those scripts. and they are now presenting the andidates with actual presidential tests. the first is, what will they look like when they, if they go into that briefing room as the president did today. will they have the words for the thment? and that means, will they be bee to give people some sense
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of direction, some sense of controlling the chaos when they ofink the culture is tearing. ind then beyond words, do they have a deeper understanding of these issues? do they have some vision and a mindset, and the emotional balance to carry out whatever their plans are? presidents often complain, when they are in the white house, idat they don't have control over events. wnd now these candidates, before two preprogrammed weeks, are getting some taste of what that is like. >> pelley: it's impossible to handicap these things but does chaos on the world stage benefit one campaign over another? >> reporter: well it really depends on how they react. the tension in the system is that both candidates are trying to disqualify the other, which inans in an anxious time, when people are anxious, each candidate is saying you should be more anxious if my opponent gets elected. which means at a time when everybody is already pretty jittery, the campaign might make them more so. >> pelley: the insight of john dickerson, our cbs political correspondent and anchor of
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"face the nation," who will be with us for the coverage all week long. ohn, thanks very much. ths news live coverage of the npublican national convention will begin tomorrow on the "cbs evening news" and we'll have an hour-long prime time special each evening at 10:00 eastern time, 9:00 central. that is 7:00 in the west. and of course, there will be extensive coverage every morning on "cbs this morning." coming up next on this special edition of the "cbs weekend news" from cleveland, "60 minutes," lesley stahl asks donald trump whether he would send u.s. ground troops to fight isis. isis.
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>> it is war. >> stahl: but when you say toeclare war," do you want to send american troops in there, is that what you mean? >> look, we have people that hate us. we have people that want to wipe us out. we have people that, if given the chance will try to wipe us out. and as you know, and as everyone knows, i was against the war in iraq. i was totally against it because i said it would destabilize the middle east. and it has. that is exactly what's happened. it was a very bad decision. one way president obama got us r t of that war was a disaster. >> stahl: do you want to get us back in there? >> no, i want to win. i want to win. let me explain. >> stahl: declare war. >> declare war against isis. la have to wipe out isis. >> stahl: with troops on the ground? .> i am going to have very few troops on the ground. we are going to have unbelievable intelligence, which we need, which right now we don't have-- we don't have the people over there. >> stahl: you want to send americans-- s excuse me. and we're going to have surrounding states and very importantly, get nato involved
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because we support nato far more than we should, frankly, because you have a lot of countries that aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing. we have to wipe out isis. hillary clinton invented isis with her stupid policies. she is responsible for isis. she led barack obama-- because i don't think he knew anything. i think he relied on her. as bernie sanders said, her judgement is so bad, she's got bad judgement, she has bad instincts. >> stahl: but i still don't know if you are going to send troops over. i very little. will get neighboring states lld i'm going to get nato, we're going to wipe them out. wipe them out. >> stahl: but "declare war," what does that mean? >> this is the kind of leadership that america needs. it begins with deciding to destroy the enemies of our freedom. >> stahl: how? >> how we do that, i have every confidence that-- you remember i served on the foreign affairs committee. i was there. i visited iraq and afghanistan. >> stahl: but that is when we had troops in there. >> we had troops in there. and i watched that war go so
5:49 pm
d orly. then i watched the surge. and by the time barack obama becomes president of the united states, iraq was stable. but it was his precipitous withdrawal leading up until the last election, that created the anarchy in which isis arose out of the sand. p pelley: you can see lesley stahl's interview with donald d mip and mike pence, their first interview together, that to tonight on "60 minutes." coming up next, retribution in turkey, after members of the military tried to overthrow the government.
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>> pelley: tonight, a key u.s. ally is still reeling from that thtempt to overthrow an elected government. a faction within turkey's military sent warplanes and tanks to major cities on friday. nearly 300 people were killed. fa the coup failed, and now turkey's president is filling the jails with his enemies. holly williams is in istanbul. >> reporter: the turkish government has moved swiftly, rounding up not just the
5:53 pm
soldiers who attempted to seize power, but others who it views as enemies, including judges and prosecutors. people are now in custody, with more arrests to come. at a funeral today for some of those killed in the failed coup, president recep tayyip erdogan vowed to destroy what he calls cae virus that caused it. the attempted coup was a night of chaos and violence. as tanks rolled on to city streets, fighter jets buzzed verhead, a bomb tore through turkey's parliament and members of the military took control of turkish state tv, announcing martial law. but when president erdogan called in from his cell phone, urging his supporters to rise up, thousands did. nearly 300 people lost their lives in the clashes, including some of the coup plotters.
5:54 pm
by early saturday morning, the soldiers were surrendering. in just a few hours later, erdogan supporters were celebrating. but the president, who is an islamic conservative, is himself accused of undermining turkey's democracy, locking up his rivals and seizing control of an opposition newspaper. anger over erdogan's authoritarian tactics apparently provoked the attempted coup, and many here fear there will now be worse to come. turkey is a key u.s. ally in the fight against isis, with american warplanes using a turkish base to launch air strikes. president erdogan's combative tyle has often frustrated u.s. officials. but scott, america also wants a stable turkey in a region as volatile as this one. >> pelley: holly williams, in istanbul for us tonight, holly,
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5:58 pm
sheriff's deputy were killed. a fourth is in critical itndition tonight. a suspect was killed in the battle. he is identified as gavin long, a black ex-marine from kansas city, missouri who turned 29 today. the shootings come nearly two weeks after alton sterling was shot to death during a struggle with two white baton rouge police officers. president obama reiterated erday, there is no excuse for violence against law wnforcement. ut cautions speakers at the upcoming political conventions to be careful with their tnguage. the president said we need to temper our words and open our hearts. that's our special edition of "the cbs eveing news." we will have more coverage. for some of you "60 minutes" is coming up next, but for others we will be back here at the republican national convention with coverage of the baton rouge shooting and the convention upcoming. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: police under fire. six more officers are shot, three are dead, this time in baton rouge. on the eve of his convention, donald trump calls for law and rrder. >> we don't need inflammatory rhetoric. we don't need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or advance an agenda. this is a special edition of the "cbs weekend news," with scott pelley, reporting tonight from the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. >> pelley: we'll begin with the latest attack on police in this country. it happened this morning in baton rouge. six officers were ambushed and shot.
6:01 pm
three of them were killed, two baton rouge police officers and an east baton rouge sheriff's deputy. one of the wounded is in critical condition. police killed the gunman, gavin long. he was an ex-marine from kansas city. today was his 29th birthday. david begnaud is in baton rouge for us tonight. david? >> scott, good evening. we are about a mile from the crime scene. airline highway is just beyond me. it is still an active police presence. you have law enforcement officers from around the baton rouge area but also around the state of louisiana. a statewide swat team has been activated and resources from around the state have been deployed here. airline highway where the crime scene is located is also not very far. the crime scene is not very far from the baton rouge police headquarters. less than three miles. the baton rouge police headquarters has been the site of so many protests since the
6:02 pm
death of alton sterling at the hands of two baton rouge police officers. more of the crimes that happened here today, we're told before 9:00 a.m. this morning a call came in to 911 of a man wearing all black clothing and walking with a rifle down airline highway. police responded. then the call went in about shots fired. then officers were reported down. as backup arrived, we're told that officers engaged the gunman. shots were exchanged between law enforcement and the gunman and the gunman was shot dead at the scene. tonight we know more about the gunman. he left the u.s. marine corps back in 2010, we're told, with an honorable discharge. we are learning more information about the three officers killed. two of them were from the baton rouge police department. one is from the east baton rouge sheriff's office. scott, we're told one of the officers who died is the father of a four month old baby boy. >> pelley: and repeating, three officers killed, one in critical condition, two have injuries that are not believed to be life threatening. david begnaud, thanks very much. with the republican national
6:03 pm
convention about to begin tomorrow, cleveland's mayor and police chief both said today that the city is prepared for everything from violent protests to terror attacks. our homeland security correspondent jeff pegues has more on this. >> reporter: coast guard boats are locking down cleveland's cuyahoga river, even the waterfront has been divided into security zones. lieutenant commander mickey doherty. what kind of security enhancements will the coast guard provide? >> we'll have a 24/7 presence throughout the convention. multiple vessels will be in this area to ensure no traffic comes in or out. >> reporter: cleveland's transformation into what looks like a fortress is all but complete. miles of steel barricades and concrete barriers line key downtown streets and intersections. officials continue to refine security plans after today's attack on police in baton rouge. last week's shooting in dallas
6:04 pm
and the attack in france. cleveland police chief calvin williams: >> oftentimes we have big events in the city of cleveland and we use locking vehicles, we use concrete barriers an things like that, at positions that we think may be vulnerable to attacks asat happen in nice. >> reporter: cleveland's municipal court is clearing jail space to process as many as a thousand people a day, which is more than any convention in recent memory. in addition, the city upped its liability coverage from 10 million dollars to 50 million, to cover legal claims. some protesters are vowing to come here armed. in ohio you can openly carry some weapons. cleveland mayor frank jackson. how do you guarantee that this will be an event, even with open carry, that will be safe for the people who come in peace? >> we guarantee that that is our effort. you knowi wish i had the ability to guarantee the details of life.
6:05 pm
it doesn't work that way. >> reporter: closer to where the convention is being held and the quicken loans arena, that is the hard security perimeter. weapons are not allowed there, ert scott, farther away in another zone, you can openly carry. >> pelley: jeff pegues in our s nvention newsroom, jeff, thank ffu. well, now to the politics inside this convention. julianna goldman has that. >> if you look at one of the big reasons that i chose mike, an and one of the reasons is party unity, i have to be honest. >> reporter: unity may have been the goal in putting mike pence on the ticket, but it won't be a unified republican party that convenes in cleveland to celebrate donald trump. the bitter primary fight, trump's inflammatory rhetoric and concerns could hurt mapublicans down the ballot have awad many g.o.p. lawmakers and luminaries to stay home like
6:06 pm
nearly every republican senator n a tight re-election race. one exception, ohio senator rob portman. kit he won't be speaking. the host states other top elected official governor kasich kasich will be here without stepping foot in the convention ssena. instead he will be attending convention events across the country, many just blocks away. >> they are much, much better off to take this week, in their own states in their own elections. >> reporter: on "face the nation," former r.n.c. chairman halle barbour excused missing enators but not kasich. >> it would be great if john kasich was here, and if he would enthusiastically support the nominee. >> reporter: enthusiasm may be a tall order. blo two blocks from the quick rans arena, one vendor is selling trump t-shirts alongside aloks written by republican anti-trump activists. the latest cbs news battleground poll in ohio shows that just 37 percent of trump voters are backing him because they like him. instead, 53% are voting for
6:07 pm
trump to oppose hillary clinton. >> all those oppose nay. y. nay. >> reporter: last week officials from the r.n.c. and trump campaign spent days in marathon meetings, successfully killing efforts to keep trump from getting the nomination on the thnvention floor. >> i don't know everything that is going to come down. but it's not going to be unified. >> reporter: but kendall unruh one of the leaders of the stop trump movement said they will still make their voice heard. >> what has been simmering out there has now become this raging wildfire that actually is now going to be taken to the floor. >> reporter: the question for donald trump is whether he can lead this convention with having an actually energized republican base. if he can't, scott, it will be that much more difficult for him to mobilize grass roots voters and really compete against hillary clinton. >> pelley: julianna goldman outside the convention hall for us. julianna, thanks. kendall unruh, who you just saw ju julianna's report, is a delegate from colorado. she was originally a supporter
6:08 pm
of ted cruz, and then led the attempt here to change the rules to unbind the delegates so the delegates could vote for whoever voey wanted. but that has not come to pass. miss unruh, this is your eighth republican convention. >> yes, it is. ventelley: in all the previous seven, you have always supported iousnominee. dhy not now? >> well, that's asked of me a lot. at because he's not a republican and he doesn't exemplify the platform that we have. and right now the base is not excited to go out and work for donald trump. and that's unfortunately what is going to happen is we are not going to win against hillary and the movement has been to make sure that there is another nominee that can actually unite the party. because right now it is extraordinarily divided. >> pelley: are you resigned to losing this election? >> we haven't lost right now wcause we're still in the nomination process. and there's still a plan that we can actually deny the rules. the incredible overreach power grab that the establishment actually strangled the voice of
6:09 pm
the grass roots. and they did that in the rules >>mmittee. >> pelley: is there any chance that you have the votes to pull that off tomorrow? >> oh, we know we have the votes. and this is what the message teds to get out. and this is what we are doing. because we have instructed our delegates from day one, the ones that were truly concerned about the fact that they were having to vote against their conscience and cast a ballot for someone they just truly, in good faith, could not do. >> pelley: what has caused this rift in the party? >> well, this candidate has incited this rift. because from day one, he could have shut this down. the intensity of the supporters su his. but instead of shutting it down, he incited it and he encouraged it. >> pelley: but millions of people voted for him. >> well. >> pelley: are you on the wrong side of that? >> 9% of the the people voted for him. if you look at the fact that you had 14 million votes but 11 million were through your open enimaries, and your blanket primaries, your democrats and
6:10 pm
your independents, the very lee very small percentage of republicans actually voted for him. >> pelley: kendall unruh, delegate of colorado at her eighth republican national convention and now leading the anti-trump faction here. good to be with you. thanks so much. >> thank you for the time. >> pelley: major garrett has been covering the trump campaign from the very start. and he's joining us here tonight. major garrett? >> reporter: four challenges for donald trump at this convention. one deals with the never trump movement, the vote counters for goe trump organization and the r.n.c. tell us that is going to be done and dispatched as of tomorrow. nce reassure social conservatives, a big move in that direction was to put indiana governor mike pence on the particular but that work is not done. pence has to have a prominent role at this convention and social conservatives need to believe he's more than just an afterthought to trump as his running mate. three, soften the trump image. soften some of the rough edges
6:11 pm
around his persona there will be a converted effort with testimony yals from friends and family about trump's mosanthropy, his strength as a father, an lastly, to address the issue most unmost concerning republicans by trump, do americans believe he can actually be a fit and ready president of the united states? his acceptance speech thursday ythieverything around this convention is going to try to convey that trump is ready and willing and capable of being a president. et pelley: major garrett reporting from the convention floor for us, major, thank you. let's bring in anthony salvanto, the direction for elections for cbs news. anthony, donald trump tweeted today that america needs law and order, and he says he is the law and order candidate. you have been looking at the most recent cbs news political polls-- what are the voters saying about that? >> well that is what republicans stt to hear, scott. they say the solutions to these problems come through a strong leader that can restore order. but by contrast democrats say that they are looking for a leader with more compassion who nan bring together both sides. so on this issue as on so many issues you see these deep partisan divides, scott.
6:12 pm
>> pelley: we just heard kendall unruh tell us that she has the votes to stop trump. p.ny other people believe that that is not the case. does the g.o.p. unify behind trump? >> he's got some work to do here. he has not yet convinced all of these republicans that he represents their core values and the essence of their party. intothey like a lot of swing nvenrs say coming into this convention, they're looking for onm to soften his tone and soften the rhetoric. >> pelley: anthony salvanto, our direction of elections down on the convention floor, thank you lory much. next on this special edition of the "cbs weekend news" from cleveland, we look at perhaps the most difficult challenge the the most difficult challenge the next president will face, on da,
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6:14 pm
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pers the president next >> pelley: the next president alle face countless challenges on day one. tonight we're going to begin a thies of interviews on the most serious of them, beginning with
6:16 pm
syria, a nation torn to shreds by five years of civil war. margaret brennan spoke with leon panetta, a former c.i.a. nettctor, former defense secretary and former white house chief of staff. >> inaction is not an option in syria. because if you stand back, the batuation is going to get worse. look, the best case scenario would be to have assad step down, to have a transitional government be able to establish itself, representing each of the factions that are there, the sunnies, the kurds, the shias. and then, frankly, have the russians and whatever is left of se syrian forces join with the united states in going after to to truly defeat them. that would be the best case scenario. >> reporter: what are the odds of that? >> not very good, not very good. >> reporter: what is the worst- case scenario? >> the worst-case scenario is
6:17 pm
that assad continues to remain in power, continues to kill syrians. that refugees continue to flow oft of syria. that the russians continue to have a presence there and continue to attack our moderate rorces that were trying to train in syria. and that isis then uses that and creates an even bigger base from which to conduct attacks against this country.'s the worst-case scenario. >> reporter: sounds like you are describing what is happening now. >> it is what is happening now. >> reporter: will the next president have to commit more l erican boots on the ground? >> i think you're going to have grouncrease the numbers if we're going to be able to defeat them. we have to increase our air strikes. as've got to do all of those things in order to put increasing pressure on isis, but also on assad. we can't surrender one objective for the other. >> reporter: here's where the candidates stand.
6:18 pm
hillary clinton wants to increase air strikes against isis, arm the moderate rebels thd pressure russia to get out of syria. we should add that panetta is advising the clinton campaign. now, donald trump announced he deuld declare war on isis, and he wouldn't rule out more u.s. troops on the ground, although he offered few details. he also said he would count on turkey to help fight isis. >> pelley: margaret brennan for us tonight. margaret, thank you. ,oming up next, the republican national convention has not even begun, but anti-trump protesters are already crashing the party ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:21 pm
re pelley: well, the republican national convention doesn't gavel to order until tomorrow, but the protests have already begun. here's demarco morgan. begaeporter: dozens of oftesters gathered just outside of downtown cleveland to begin a two mile march of what they say are efforts to stop presumptive republican nominee donald trump and the g.o.p. convention less than 24 hours before it's scheduled to convene.
6:22 pm
this man, said he walked from chicago to make his point. >> i am here to protest against the speech of donald trump that is creating so much hate and so much division in our communities. >> reporter: not far away from this small showing at the cleveland university campus, thousands of demonstrators from the convention site marched across town over the carnegie hope memorial bridge calling for peace and unity. >> we're kind of hoping we can build loving this space before people who are angry come flying through. >> this is what girl power looks like. >> reporter: despite sunday's crowds both large and small, the city is bracing for much worse. ngarting monday, cleveland municipal courts will extend their hours from eight to 20 hours in order to process what atey estimate will be 1,000 arrests a day. city council president kevin kelly says the city is also prepared to handle the worst- case scenario. >> anything that can be anticipated, has been anticipated.
6:23 pm
and there is a plan for anything that can be reasonably anticipated for this convention. te this is for statement only. >> reporter: despite a call to rally by gun rights activists, only two people showed up with withr guns. scott, there were several demonstrations over the weekend. with cleveland police reporting new arrests. city leaders say that could all change, come tomorrow. >> pelley: demarco morgan, thanks. coming up next, bob schieffer with some insight into this,,,,,
6:24 pm
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6:26 pm
>> pelley: we have an update on our top story. late today, police in kansas city, missouri, blocked off the ofreet and surrounded the house where gavin long lived. long was the gunman who ambushed and shot the six officers in baton rouge this morning, before being killed by police. ee're going to end tonight with the dean of american political amporters-- our own bob schieffer, who is covering his 24th convention. bob has a little historical perspective. >> reporter: you know, scott, watching all of this unfold, more and more, this reminded me of my first convention, the 1968 convention in chicago. when the democratic party tore itself apart literally over an unpopular war in the
6:27 pm
assassinations of martin luther king, jr. and bobby kennedy. we wondered then if the whole country was coming apart. in the end it didn't. but i believe it came very close. now after another horrendous day in baton rouge, we're feeling a sense of helplessness and loss of confidence in our institutions, as we did then. they seem impotent in the face af terrible problems and a growing divide is there between blacks and whites. as this convention unfolds, there is going to be a lot of talk but no instant solutions will be found here, nor will there be any such thing at next week's democratic gathering diese problems have been long some building, and they won't be olved in the next two weeks. democrats and republicans now face the same challenge-- find ways to work together to solve our problems, or they can continue to work against each other. and the one thing we do know is so far, that approach hasn't worked very well.
6:28 pm
>> pelley: bob, thanks very much. bob, you will be with us all week long, as we have coverage on the "cbs evening news," on "cbs this morning," and also our prime time coverage every night this week beginning at 10:00 eastern time. >> thank you so much. >> pelley: going to be great to you have with us, bob. >> thank you. >> pelley: thank you. and that is our special edition of the "cbs evening news." for all of us on our team here in cleveland, and for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, i'm scott pelley at the republican national convention. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
6:29 pm
this has happened far too often. >> shots fired. officer down. shots fired. officer down. >> attacks on police are an attack on all of us. >> for the second time in less than 10 days, president obama addresses a shaken nation after a deadly ambush on police officers. >> plus a violent attack puts a bay area police officer in the hospital along with one of their k-9s. >> and a search for a uc berkeley student missing since the terrorist attack in france has come to an end tonight. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. the fbi has confirmed nicholas leslie was one of the 34 people killed thursday when an attacker drove a truck through a crowd of bastille day revelers on the streets of nice.
6:30 pm
kpix 5 jessica flores is live where students are reacting to the news. >> this is where the university is once again planning a vigil for one of its students. nicholas leslie, the second student in recent weeks to die in a terrorist attack. nick was just 20 years old, a junior at uc berkeley, planning to study business. he was in nice, france with 85 other students for a campus study abroad program. he and friends were out celebrating bastille day when the attack happened and he'd been missing since. university officials, u.s. officials, french officials searched for him for the last several days. then today the fbi confirming nick's body was found. nick is one of 85 people killed in the nice attack. they're stunned to learn another cal bear taken at the hands of terrorism. >> shocked i guess. we have 35,000 students on campus and like of all the possible campuses in the u.s., we have berkeleyde


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